Frontex and “Border police” have launched a joint operation aimed at tripling the number of EU border guards along the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The operation, which commenced recently, involves the rotation of EU border police officers stationed in Bulgaria on a four-week basis. This rotational deployment strategy has been in effect since 2009, steadily increasing the presence of EU personnel in the region.

Frontex border officers acquaint themselves with the operational circumstances, undergo briefings, and are allocated to their designated positions. This group encompasses individuals with expertise in document examination, professionals skilled in identifying cross-border criminal activities, handlers of canine units, and EU border agents engaged in border surveillance tasks, all dedicated to bolstering the activities of the Main Directorate “Border Police”.

This joint operation with Bulgaria forms part of Frontex’s broader strategic initiative, which also encompasses operations in Romania, Moldova, and Georgia. The overarching objective is clear: to provide comprehensive technical and operational support to national authorities across air, land, and sea borders.