On Tuesday, German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall announced a significant 60% increase in first-quarter profit. Renowned for producing military equipment such as Leopard tanks, the company plays a pivotal role in supplying weaponry to Kyiv through Berlin.

Despite the notable profit surge, Rheinmetall’s earnings fell short of expectations, primarily due to delays in the delivery of trucks and ammunition. The company’s robust performance reflects the heightened demand for its products, driven by Western nations replenishing their military arsenals and providing support to Ukraine amid the conflict.

Rheinmetall has experienced a substantial increase in orders, with its market value more than quadrupling since the onset of the conflict in Ukraine. This surge in demand underscores the company’s integral position in meeting the evolving needs of Western armies and supporting Ukraine’s defense capabilities.

Germany ranks second only to the United States as the largest supplier of arms and ammunition to the Ukrainian military. This underscores the significance of Rheinmetall’s contributions in providing essential equipment to support Kyiv’s defense efforts amidst ongoing geopolitical tensions.