This summer, most Bulgarians using Ryanair traveled to three main destinations, according to the company’s data sent to the media. This applies to both families and solo travelers.

The company reports 16% growth in trips to Great Britain, 15% to Italy and 12% to Poland.

Especially for families, the first place in popularity is Poland, followed by Great Britain and Italy.

Among independent travelers, the ranking is Great Britain, Italy and Germany.

Almost half of the Bulgarians stayed at the place of travel for 3 or less days, and 32% – for 7 or more days, according to the carrier’s data. For 16%, the trip lasted more than 16 days.

For family trips, the picture is slightly different, with nearly 33% of those traveling for 3 or less days, almost 30% staying for 3-7 days, and over 23% staying for 7-15 days.