There will be no increase in toll taxes in Greece from July 1st. The Athens ministry of transport stopped the rise in prices due to a litigation with the Egnatia Odos highway maintenance company, the BNR said.

After a few days of “real war” between the Ministry of Transport and the maintenance company on the highway, the increase in road tolls is lifted for an undetermined amount of time.

Minister Spirtzis issued an order without negotiating or consulting with the company. Court cases will begin, which will last for months, and any increase will be suspended until then. The government suspects that the opposition has put pressure on charges’ rise a week before the parliamentary elections. The media reported that the company is being prosecuted for unjustified charges so far.

Even the tourism industry insists on prices decrease. This would have a positive impact on tourism.

According to statistics, Greeks are increasingly rarely go on long distances vacations due to expensive gasoline and high toll rates.