Since the beginning of the year, the export of electricity has decreased by nearly 66 percent, and the production of electricity has shrunk by a fifth compared to the same period last year, according to the data of the Electricity System Operator, BNR reports.

“Not only in our country and in the region, but also in the whole of Europe, there is a tendency to reduce electricity consumption”, said the executive director of the Electricity System Operator Angelin Tsachev.

“This is a fact from last year from October, as Europe as a whole entered into a recession and there is a serious reduction in the consumption of electrical energy, and on the other hand, there is currently a serious reduction in the price of natural gas, which has led to a reduction in the price of electricity in general.”

Therefore, it is “quite normal for cheaper production to be more current at the moment and for coal plants to reduce their production in general”.

Because of the lower prices, the import of electricity also becomes relevant.

“We are not currently importing from cheaper gas plants, but we are importing electricity from Romania, produced by their hydroelectric plants. The price is much lower. And it is quite normal that the Bulgarian market will benefit.”

In the end, the statistics look like this:

“Consumption has decreased by 5.17%. Production as a whole in the country has decreased by 20%, and overall production for the ‘Maritsa East’ complex has decreased by 38.5%. Exports have decreased by 66%. From January 1 until now, we have exported more than we imported, but it is much less compared to last year. Last year we exported 4 million and 700 megawatt hours so far, now we have exported one million and six hundred,” said the CEO of the ESO Angelin Tsachev.