In a bid to enhance user experience and reduce unwanted exposure to political content, Instagram and its sister app Threads have announced changes to their recommendation algorithms. According to a report by Variety, Instagram users will no longer find themselves inundated with political posts on their feeds, as the platform will cease proactively recommending such content from accounts that users do not already follow.

The policy, which also extends to Threads, aims to create a more tailored experience for users by limiting the promotion of political content unless specifically requested. In a blog post, Instagram, owned by Meta, emphasized the importance of providing a positive and engaging environment for its users, stating that the decision aligns with their goal to ensure a pleasant browsing experience.

Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, elaborated on the rationale behind the update, explaining that while users will still have the option to engage with political content from accounts they follow, the platform will refrain from recommending such content to those who have not expressed interest in it.

The new policy will be implemented across various sections of Instagram, including Explore, Reels, In-Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Users. Additionally, a setting will be introduced to allow users who wish to continue seeing political content recommendations to opt in.

Meta has been actively deprioritizing political content across its social media platforms, with Facebook also undergoing similar changes to reduce the visibility of political posts in users’ feeds. The company’s efforts reflect user feedback indicating a desire for less political content and a focus on other types of engagement.

Professional accounts on Instagram will have the option to check their eligibility for content recommendations based on recent posts categorized as “political.” If an account’s posts are blocked from recommendations, users can edit or remove recent posts to regain eligibility or request a review from Instagram.