Any marketing expert understands the power of a notable brand presence. Not only are memorable products more likely to enjoy a reliable customer base over time, but online sellers who stand out from the masses will obviously enjoy higher profit margins. This is why astute entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time coming up with a catchy and relevant business name. What are some of the most important features to take into account when developing your digital identity? Let’s examine how to eliminate confusion so that you can select a title that is ensured to grab the attention of others.

Taking SEO Considerations Into Account

Search engine optimisation is obviously important, as keywords will help to “point” search engines to what you have to offer. This is why generic titles such as “ABC Sales” will generate little interest. Try to include relevant keywords within the name of your business whenever possible. These will normally revolve around the products and services that you have to offer. However, there are a handful of other metrics which serve to define a well-structured business title including:

  • A similarity to your domain name.
  • Location-specific tags.
  • Using a combination of specific keywords.
  • Choosing alternative keywords that stand out from your closest competitors.
  • Employing domain names with trustworthy suffixes such as .com or

On a final note, try to keep your business name short and to the point. This type of brevity will increase brand recognition within your target audience and naturally, shorter names are much easier to recall when performing an online search.

Why Not Think Outside of the Box?

Those who are already familiar with the e-commerce sector have likely noticed that the most successful brands are associated with entirely original and witty identities. This is why looking for a bit of additional inspiration is always a good idea. For example, spend some time examining the top Shopify stores names in order to appreciate the approaches that others have taken. Try to incorporate viral terms or even local information within the title, as these will help to gain the attention of a niche market. Of course, there is nothing wrong with performing a great deal of experimentation before deciding upon a specific name.

Assuming that you have narrowed the list down to a handful of options, it is next critical to check if the name in question is already registered with another seller. Even if it is available, try to avoid branding that is nearly identical to an online competitor. It always pays to stand out from the digital crowd.

Never forget that your business name will be inextricably linked to the products and services that are being presented to the general public. This is why a significant amount of time should be spent performing adequate research and obtaining the opinions of others. In terms of judging a book by its cover, a catchy business name has the power to take your enterprise to the next level and beyond.