The Council of Ministers has accepted the Minister of Culture’s proposal to declare on 7 July a professional holiday for PR professionals.

On this date, in 2005, representatives of all associations, business, freelancers, specialists, gathered and united around one Code of Ethics. This document becomes the basis for the unification of the entire sector, as well as the establishment of the basic rules recommended for the professional activity of professionals and companies.

The draft decision was prepared in connection with a proposal submitted to the Ministry of Culture by representatives of the branch organizations in the PR sector: the Bulgarian Public Relations Society, the Bulgarian Association of PR Agencies. The Association of Communication Specialists in the Municipalities, the European Association of Communication Directors.

The proposal is motivated by the increasing importance of public communications in recent years, the accelerated processes of globalization, the transfer of information and the imposition of new communication methods, and their enormous influence in the processes of crisis prevention and management in the fight against fake news, the vicious practice of using trolls in election campaigns, and more.

The sector of PR specialists in Bulgaria is developing extremely dynamically. 

The work of public relations professionals (PR specialists) requires a high level of professionalism, quality and timeliness, which is why the draft decision achieves respect and respect for their efforts and results.