For the first time, Bulgarian tourists can reach Kenya by direct flight from Sofia.

Kenya is another country that is already directly connected with Bulgaria. The trip for a safari or exotic beach holiday to the African country can already happen without the annoying transfer at international airports. You hop on the plane, take a nap, have a cup of coffee, and you’re already in the warm.

Apart from the convenience and shorter flight time, direct connection is also a reason for the lower cost of a trip to Kenya, which, depending on the hotel category, may be about EUR 1000 for a week’s vacation.

Even if you have never thought of going to Kenya before, it is worth exploring the possibilities, because the country offers much more than the first things we associate with its name – safari and meeting the Maasai people.

Yes, undoubtedly this is one of the best places in Africa to go on your first safari. There is nothing more exciting than the first time you see the wild inhabitants of the wilderness – zebras, elephants, lions, buffaloes, leopards, giraffes, rhinos walking before your eyes like in a National Geographic documentary on TV. And you’re there, a few feet away, and everything happens before your eyes.

Among the most popular national parks in Kenya are “Maasai Mara”, “Lake Nakuru”, “Mount Kenya”, “Amboseli”, “Tsavo”, “Nairobi”, but there are also many private parks, as well as marine reserves.

Among Bulgarians, Kenya is all too little known as a beach destination, and its luxurious beach complexes are in no way inferior to all inclusive resorts you know from other exotic destinations such as Zanzibar, Dominicana and the Maldives.

The vicinities of Mombasa and the nearby towns of Diani, Nyali and Bamburi are some of the best places for an exotic vacation in winter. The beaches boast fine white sand, and in the Mombasa marine national park you will find a coral reef where you can swim amid the amazing sea creatures. Here you can make your dream of swimming with dolphins or whale sharks in the open sea come true.

All these sites are now more accessible and closer.