“GERB puts the government and the work of the parliament at risk by relying on floating majorities with which they push their decisions”, the deputy from “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” Kiril Petkov warned today in the parliament. He refers to the failed two hearings of the Minister of Justice Atanas Slavov yesterday – in the plenary hall and before the legal committee. With the votes of GERB-SDS, DPS and “Vazrazhdane”, the deputies did not allow this to happen.

Petkov pointed to the adoption of the GERB-SDS version of the anti-corruption law as an example. For Petkov, these are alarming signs.

“For us to be in the front like a fig leaf, and they in the back for the important things for society to push through with other majorities. This is not only a warning, but a call that in this way they introduce a huge risk into the political system. If they think so, that it will happen, we will not just accept it,” said Petkov.

He announced that the second-largest parliamentary group has no problem with having the chairman of only one committee. However, Kiril Petkov expressed concern about which commissions will be headed by DPS and “Vazrazhdane”.

Novinite reminds that, GERB-SDS and “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” (WCC-DB) chose the cabinet with Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, in which the first political force after the elections has only one representative – Mariya Gabriel. The two political formations have an agreement that after 9 months of administration, Denkov will resign as prime minister, and the post will be taken over by Mariya Gabriel.

Boyko Borissov on WCC-DB: I did not assemble and I will not participate in their assemblies

The skill of governing is to make majorities. This is how GERB leader Boyko Borissov responded to the chairman of “We Continue the Change” Kiril Petkov, who defined the use of floating majorities by GERB as a big problem.

“I hate such comparisons – fig leaves, I don’t like these comparisons. They were clearly offered to make a coalition that guarantees a majority and protects democracy. They said they don’t want that, they only want GERB to support the government. They appointed ministers, what do they want – deprive us of the right to support our law? That’s how one-man rule works, as it was with caretaker government…Our laws are better and gather majorities. We have to give them up to choose worse ones, right? We have no commitment to them (WCC-DB).

The Bulgarian people wanted a regular government. We suppressed all our egos, which Mr. Petkov clearly cannot do, rather Lena Borislavova cannot, because she texted yesterday: ‘The assembly will break.’ I did not assemble and I will not participate in their assemblies.

The art of governing is to make majorities, that’s how a parliamentary republic works. The presidential republic is different – you appoint a government and bear responsibility.

We are very big for a fig leaf, and when they put us in the front, they don’t show, but then it starts to light up in the back. So let them calm down the ball, because we have the war and the dam in Ukraine, which spilled into the Black Sea…And as long as they have appointed people – everyday new cadres. As for regional governors, well, we have defeated them twice in Blagoevgrad, what can I say to the people there,” said Borissov.

The leader of GERB addressed Kiril Petkov and Hristo Ivanov with the words that the judicial system will not allow the intervention of politicians and from today on they should know it. GERB will support Hristo Ivanov’s proposal for constitutional changes to reduce the number of parliamentary quotas in the SJC at the expense of judges and prosecutors, Borissov also said.