Amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, the Kremlin has put forward the idea of establishing a “buffer zone” on Ukrainian-controlled territory, a move aimed at safeguarding Russian regions from potential attacks.The proposal, backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, was reiterated by the Kremlin spokesperson, who emphasized the necessity of creating a zone that would shield Russian territories from Ukrainian drone strikes and shelling of essential infrastructure and residential areas.The concept of a “sanitary zone” on Ukrainian land, as described by the Kremlin, would effectively place Russian regions out of the range of any hostile actions from Ukrainian forces. The primary goal is to ensure that Russian territories remain beyond the reach of enemy weaponry.President Putin, addressing the issue, hinted at the possibility of establishing such a zone in territories currently under Ukrainian control. He highlighted the recent events unfolding in the region as a potential catalyst for the creation of this buffer zone.The practical implications of implementing such a zone remain uncertain, particularly given the vast geographical expanse between western and eastern Ukraine. However, Putin suggested that the zone could be extensive enough to prevent foreign-made weapons from targeting Russian territory effectively.Both Moscow and Kyiv have previously discussed the idea of a demilitarized zone to safeguard their respective territories. However, previous discussions on this matter have not materialized into concrete actions.Meanwhile, the Ukrainian leadership has remained steadfast in its refusal to cease attacks on Russian territory until all Russian forces are expelled. In recent years, border areas, particularly regions bordering northeastern Ukraine, have experienced frequent attacks from Ukrainian military forces.