“The Bulgarian national interest was sold three times in one day”. This was stated by BSP leader Kornelia Ninova regarding Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Bulgaria, today’s approved declaration of Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the decision to sell equipment from the “Belene” NPP to Ukraine.

Ninova admitted that the Bulgarian Socialist Party was not invited to a meeting with the Ukrainian president, as a number of other political leaders had in Sofia. It is intended for those party leaders who signed the declaration of Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

According to her, Zelensky’s visit is the reason for adopting all the items on today’s agenda in favor of Ukraine (the decision to accelerate the renewal of Bulgaria’s weapons stockpile, the declaration of Ukraine’s accession to NATO and the decision to sell the equipment for the “Belene” NPP to Ukraine).

Ninova predicted that Ukraine’s membership in NATO would lead to an increase in tensions and a risk of increased military actions in the Black Sea, and the Bulgarian national interest “dictates that there should be peace and tranquility in the region”.

“Many times in the hall you heard expressed concern for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, but, on the other hand, we care about Russia and the Russian people. Apart from BSP, no one emphasized the Bulgarian national interest and care for the Bulgarian people,” said Kornelia Ninova.