The findings stem from a “Trend” survey commissioned by “24 Chasa”, exploring Bulgarian sentiments and views regarding March 8. According to the sociological agency’s research, a significant majority of Bulgarians, accounting for 68%, observe or commemorate March 8.

Conducted from February 7 to February 14, 2024, the survey involved direct semi-structured face-to-face interviews using tablets with a sample group of 1010 individuals aged 18 and above.

Survey findings reveal that March 8 holds a significant place in Bulgarian culture, particularly among women, with 80% expressing a positive sentiment towards the holiday, and 68% feeling especially cherished on this occasion.

This year, the tradition of gifting flowers remains strong, as 67% of respondents plan to present floral arrangements. Notably, this gesture is equally embraced by both men and women. Among those planning to offer flowers, 60% intend to honor their mothers, 37% their spouses or partners, 30% friends, 24% colleagues, and 7% other significant women in their lives.

The survey also reflects diverse perceptions of March 8’s significance. While 45% view it primarily as a festive occasion, 32% recognize its broader social importance, with women more inclined towards this viewpoint. Conversely, 16% consider the holiday outdated and irrelevant.

Moreover, the survey highlights differing interpretations of March 8’s nature. While 61% regard it as a celebration for all women, 20% perceive it as Mother’s Day. Only a minority, 4%, associate it predominantly with the struggle for women’s rights, while 9% view it as a relic of socialist ideology.

Regarding its commercial aspect, opinions are split, with 46% believing the holiday is not commercialized, while 29% assert the opposite perspective.