“It is extremely important to protect the Bulgarian brand in this smear campaign, which is swirling quite powerfully and purposefully. Not only here, but also among our partners”. This was said by the Minister of Tourism Zaritsa Dinkova on Nova TV. “I cannot know exactly how and where this campaign is financed,” she commented.

According to her, this campaign is quite condensed and meets all the requirements for a hybrid attack, BTA points out.

“The good news is that the growth of tourists is partly thanks to Bulgarian tourists. This is the good thing, that we have started to evaluate our tourists in the way they meet this hospitality and respect in neighboring Greece, which until now made them make that choice”, said Minister Dinkova.

According to her, the tourist season is going well at the moment. There are concerns about next month, but those concerns will be addressed when the ministry has accurate data.

Zaritsa Dinkova believes that the best measures to have stronger tourism are market measures – the good ratio between price and quality and the good quality of the product. She stated that the Bulgarian sea is clean and safe and there is nothing worrisome in the data so far.