Prime Minister Stefan Yanev met this morning with representatives of the tourism industry in the Council of Ministers.

The meeting was also attended by four ministers – Finance, Tourism, Health, and Economy. The aim was to discuss the problems of the sector and their work during the pandemic, as well as the compensation for business by the state.

Among the topics of conversation was the distribution of money from the budget provided for the sector. With the update of the budget for the tourism business, BGN 70 million was allocated.

The conversation was extremely dialogical, we all agreed on several issues – the most important is that the state needs a working sector “Tourism”, said Minister Stella Baltova.

There will be another meeting in 10 days, during which time specific decisions will be made – the funds for the ‘Tourism’ sector in the updated budget will be used to strengthen the vaccination process in the country, Baltova said. The second direction – to find a package of documents that certify the security of people in the sector.

Richard Alibegov said that they will continue to work as before – in protest.

Polina Karastoyanova said it was important for the tourism sector to give a sign of support. Vaccination is an opportunity to ensure economic growth, so we need to find a way to stimulate it, Karastoyanova commented.