Italian gin brand Mintis has partnered with beverage supplier Cherry Picking to distribute its products in Bulgaria.

First launched in 2021, Mintis Gin’s portfolio comprises four expressions made from Italian botanicals: Originale, Clementina, Amarena, and Ribesa.

Stepan Stanek, Mintis Gin CEO, said: “We have been developing Mintis for two years to bring to the gin market a really special, well-balanced, fresh taste of mint, fruit and juniper ­– perfect for a gin and tonic. We are very happy that they see it the same way also in Bulgaria.”

Each expression is made without added sugar or colours, and all are vegan-friendly.

The gins are handmade using Italian mint from Pancalieri in Italy, which is known for its pleasant and fresh aroma, along with well-ripened Italian fruits.

Andrey Vasilev, CEO, Cherry Picking, commented: “We were looking for some really unique gin that can be successful in a competitive gin market, and that‘s why we choose Mintis Gin. With eye-catching bottles and unmatched, minty-refreshing taste, it’s one of a kind.”

Presented in custom-made bottles inspired by fresh mint bunches, the vessels are said to ‘reinforce the value of the gins’.

The brand is now available in 25 countries.

Mintis Gin won two Gold medals in The Gin Masters 2022 blind-tasting competition for its Amarena and Clementina expressions.

Mintis will be present at ProWein from 19-21 March 2023 in the Same but Different hall, at stand B53, Hall 7.