More than 1,500 Bulgarian companies have applied to the National Revenue Agency (NRA) for compensation between March 22 and April 30, when their activities were banned due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the third phase of the working capital support program, and June 22 is the last day on which the affected companies can apply to the NRA.

BGN 55 million are provided for grants to closed businesses, and the money is provided by EU  “Innovation and Competitiveness” OP. For restaurants, gyms and training centers, the compensation is 20% of the turnover for the same months in 2019.

For closed retail outlets and tour operators the aid is 10%.

In the last, third phase of the scheme, however, there is one peculiarity.

The establishments with terraces and gardens, which have been allowed to work with reduced capacity since April 1, will be deprived of the right to receive such grants.

The big stores for non-commercial goods, which found a way to circumvent the bans by opening open-air bazaars or taking orders over the phone, and customers received the goods in the parking lot of the store, also found themselves without aid.