Billionaire Elon Musk mistakenly recognized the Belogradchik Fortress as part of a popular new computer game on Twitter today.

The owner of the platform commented on a shared frame from the profile Aesthetica, which has recently been posting pictures of castles. One of the latter is a shot by the famous Bulgarian photographer Vladislav Terziiski.

“Pretty sure that was in Elden Ring,” Musk wrote to the retweet of the photo.

In fact, the Belogradchik Fortress is in the frame – one of the emblematic cultural and historical sites in Bulgaria. The fortress was originally built in Roman times, but was completed both in the Bulgarian Middle Ages and in Ottoman times. It is unique with the fact that a large part of the fortress walls are completely natural rock formations. The actual human-built is only from the northwest and southeast.

Elden Ring is a new and extremely popular action game from the popular Japanese game studio FromStudio, which is behind the famous Dark Souls trilogy. The game has an open world and impresses with its beautiful graphics and many impressive landscapes. There are many fortresses in the open world, some of which are probably based on real-world ones – something that is a common practice in game development, especially by Japanese studios.

The game’s story consultant is George R.R. Martin, whose books inspired the hit series Game of Thrones.

In the comments, Musk admits that he is a fan of the game and played it 6 months ago – right after its release.