From October 29, for 14 days (ie until November 12), with an Order issued today, the Minister of Health introduces the following anti-epidemic measures on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria:

– The attendance classes for the students in the high school stage of education are terminated;

– The present educational process in the higher educational establishments is terminated;

– The group activities and activities in the presence environment, as well as the presence classes in language centers, educational centers, study centers and others, organized by legal entities and individuals, are suspended. Exceptions are allowed for activities of interest and activities for students in primary and lower secondary education;

– The attendance classes in the centers for support of personal development are terminated;

– The holding of congress-conference events, seminars, exhibitions and other public events in attendance is allowed with the participation of not more than 30 people;

– It is allowed to hold cultural and entertainment events (theaters, cinemas, stage events, concerts, classes in dance, creative and musical arts) with occupancy of up to 30%;

– Collective and individual sports events with training and competitive nature indoors and outdoors are held without an audience. An exception is allowed for the international tennis tournament Sofia Open 2020, as the accommodation of the spectators is at least in two seats;

– Visits to discos, piano bars, night bars, clubs and other nightclubs for indoor entertainment are suspended.

– Catering and entertainment establishments (restaurants, fast food establishments, drinking establishments, cafes and bars, except nightclubs) must provide a distance of 1.5 m between the backs of the nearest chairs from two adjacent tables. No more than 6 people per table are allowed.

– The owners and managers of public facilities, commercial, administrative and other sites providing services to citizens must create an organization so as not to allow more than 1 person per 3 square meters in the site;

– The organization of excursions and group visits to tourist sites is suspended;

– In all markets, markets and open-air and indoor bazaars, an organization is created for one-way traffic and providing a distance of 1.5 m between visitors. Workers and visitors are required to wear a protective face mask;

– The same order states that the suspension of the planned admission in the areas of the red and orange zone does not apply to the activities of rehabilitation, long-term treatment and psychiatric care.