Bujar Osmani spoke about the changes in the constitution to “Click Plus” on TV21. It is clear from the interview that Osmani understands that this is a rather sensitive issue, but believes that there will be a solution.

“For more than 50 days I have not appeared before the media. I do this so that my statements are not misrepresented in Bulgaria. And that carries over here in our country and undermines the whole process. People here are really disappointed. They ask if this work has a connection with the EU. Now is not the time for a public debate in Bulgaria, because Bulgaria is in a pre-election period. It is very important to have the support of the international community. Therefore, we will wait a little longer and start a public discussion of the constitutional changes. Trust me, when the proposals come out, when they read the text, /people/ will be very relieved to see that it’s just technical stuff. When they see that the Bulgarians are still in the constitution, we will only have to call them by name, I think everyone will think about it – even those who are against it!” said Osmani.

“It will be very bad if the constitutional changes are not accepted. It will be bad for the country. If the constitutional amendments are not adopted, the negotiations will stop. Then it will be too late for anything. Next year there will be elections in the EU as well, this means additional complications,” said Osmani.