The state will incur new debt. It is clear from the BNB website that a new half a billion lev debt will be offered to investors next Monday, this time on government securities with a maturity of 3.5 years.

Such an issue has not been used in the last few years, and the Ministry of Finance reported to it after the 5-year and 10.5-year securities used this year became more expensive.

So far, the debt assumed since the beginning of the year is BGN 2.8 billion, as it is a combination of issues on the domestic market.

Yesterday it became clear that the 5-year securities already have a positive yield with a negative yield so far and throughout last year.

In the case of 10.5-year government securities, the appreciation is also significant, this time the Ministry of Finance reported to another maturity – 3.5 years, which has not been used in recent years on the domestic debt market.

If all orders in the proposed volume of half a billion levs are approved, the newly assumed debt from the beginning of the year will reach 3.3 billion levs with a limit of 4.5 billion levs.

The auction will take place on November 15, the day after the 2-in-1 elections – parliamentary and presidential.