10 are the new cases of coronavirus in our country for the last 24 hours. 4 of them are hospitalized. In Sofia the newly discovered cases are 4, 3 – in Sliven, 2 in Pleven and 1 – in Shumen. The total number of infected is 2443. This was announced at a briefing by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angel Kunchev. 

He added that there is a tendency for more cured than newly discovered infected. For the last day their number is 18. And the total number of cured is 880. There are no new deaths due to infection with COVID-19. There are no new cases of infected medical staff.

Among the newly discovered cases there are two children – 4 and 12 years old, explained Assoc. Prof. Kunchev. “The crisis with COVID-19 was not only a hardship, but also an unprecedented stress test for all systems, but especially for the health one,” he commented.