Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov defended the proposal to lift the ban on imports of Ukrainian grain into Bulgaria after September 15.

At the beginning of today’s government meeting, the Prime Minister commented that the release of imports from Ukraine will reduce the prices of basic food products and inflation in Bulgaria, which will help people with the lowest incomes and increase the revenues in the budget from imports and exports

Deputies included in their agenda a discussion of the Draft Decision on the extension of preventive measures regarding certain products originating in Ukraine after September 15.

The proposal is to drop the ban on the import of Ukrainian grain. Yesterday, this decision was supported by the Economic Policy Committee.

The leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Kornelia Ninova, requested that the Minister of Agriculture be invited to present its position:

“From today, in our opinion, there is a serious scandal that we have not seen in Bulgarian politics for a long time. The Minister of Agriculture of this government stated that no one asked it, no one agreed, no one even informed it about what the National Assembly was going to decide today. The Minister of Agriculture of the government supported the protests against the government. He urged us not to make such a decision because it would be disastrous for Bulgaria.”