At the end of April – May in the countries with high vaccination the mass psychosis will subside. For us, however, the prospect is to become a country with an endemic spread of the virus. New vaccines may be needed for certain areas, immunization campaigns. Bulgaria is in danger of becoming a covid ghetto in this situation. If that happens, believe me, no one will want to come here for a trip or for business.

This was said by the virologist Prof. Radka Argirova in a live interview with Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, which he himself conducts.

The conversation was broadcast live on Facebook and took place just before the prime minister presented the incentives for vaccination and the strategy of the new cabinet to counter COVID-19, a BGNES reporter reported.

Prof. Argirova said that people with cardiovascular disease have no reason to worry about immunization. Isolated cases of complications in young men have been reported, but this cannot be a reason not to be vaccinated. The cases are isolated. People with diabetes should also be immunized, said Prof. Argirova. She explained that people who are severely overweight are actually much more exposed to the virus.

The virologist said that the World Health Organization (WHO) was launching the idea of ​​separating countries with low vaccine coverage into a common red zone to work in a different way – for access to and from there. This is being said in the WHO, so things are extremely serious, said Prof. Argirova.

According to Prime Minister Kiril Petkov, Bulgaria should say “we do not want to be a covid ghetto”.

It depends on each of us. This time we cannot point the finger at the state. Small business cannot be constantly supported, Petkov said, adding:

The last thing I want to attach to the name of Bulgaria is to be a covid destination.

I hope people understand that we cannot be the last in everything. This is about us, our children, our economy, said Kiril Petkov.