The blockade of “Trakia” highway, the Sub-Balkan road in the Gurkovo region and “Prohoda na Republikata” by miners and energy workers continues today.

Workers in the mines and thermal power plant “Maritsa – Iztok 2” spoke out against the territorial plans for a just transition of the coal regions, adopted by the government on Friday.

It is expected that today the miners and energy workers from Pernik and Bobov dol will once again organize a demonstration in support of their colleagues from Stara Zagora.

Today in the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov organized a meeting with the protesting energy workers and miners. The leaders of the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CITU) and the “Podkrepka” Confederation of Labor in Bulgaria, as well as representatives of trade unions in the sector, are also invited.

Yesterday, after negotiations with Energy Minister Rumen Radev, trade union leaders announced that they would not respond to the Prime Minister’s invitation. They also demanded an extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers, at which their representatives could discuss the controversial plans with the authorities.

Earlier in the day, he also met with the administrative management of the state-owned companies “Mini Maritsa Iztok” and TPP “Maritsa – Iztok 2”.

Due to the blockades in the Stara Zagora region, the following bypass routes have been introduced:

For those traveling on the “Trakia” highway, the route is from the “Nova Zagora” road junction on the road to Nova Zagora – Sliven to the “Svoboda” road junction.

For those traveling on the Kazanlak – Stara Zagora road: the route for Stara Zagora is – through Pamukchii village, Hristiyanovo village, Kaloyanovsko road; from Stara Zagora in the direction of Kazanlak – on the road Stara Zagora – Nova Zagora – Sliven, Kaloyanovsko shose blvd., Hristiyanovo village, Pamukchii village. You can find more information on the Road Infrastructure Agency website.