The power unit of the Russian corporation Rosatom – JSC Rusatom Service and Kozloduy NPP have signed a contract for the modernization of the neutron flux control equipment (ACNP) for the Fifth and Sixth units of Kozloduy NPP after the open tender back in september 2019.

The ACNP plays a decisive role for the safety of the NPP and is intended for operation in the water management system. The modernization of the ACPD is a process of utmost importance, so the preparation of the working and technical documentation will involve the chief designer of the reactor installations of Kozloduy NPP – OKB GIDROPRESS and the scientific leader of the project – the Kurchatov Institute Research Center. The manufacturer of the basic equipment will be the Russian company SNIIP – Systematom, which has all the necessary recommendations and experience in the implementation of such projects.

Among the projects implemented by Rusatom Service for the Kozloduy NPP is the extension of the lifetime of the Fifth and Sixth units.