The General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces has recommended the re-establishment of a four-month mandatory military service, as reported by the Serbian channel N1. The Serbian Ministry of Defense underscores that this move aims to fortify the nation’s defense capabilities by invigorating the reserve force through active training and reinforcement.

The proposal, driven by a comprehensive assessment of the country’s security landscape and contemporary challenges faced by Serbia as a militarily neutral state, aims to overhaul the recruitment approach of the Serbian Armed Forces. This strategic shift is intended to bolster overall recruitment potential and prepare a larger cadre of citizens for national defense.

Defense Minister Milos Vucevic emphasized the necessity of replenishing the reserve force after a prolonged 13-year hiatus in conscription. He stressed the imperative of a prepared and robust cohort to safeguard the country. Vucevic highlighted that this is not unique to Serbia, citing the activation of compulsory military service in several European countries amidst prevailing security risks.

Highlighting the government’s commitment to defense, Vucevic announced a 10% salary increment effective from January 1 and noted substantial advancements in military equipment and personnel training by the end of 2023.

“These developments will form a pivotal part of the upcoming comprehensive report presented to the president later this month. A detailed meeting is slated at January’s end,” stated the defense minister.