Six of the largest retail chains in Bulgaria – Billa, dm, Kaufland, Lidl, Mr. Bricolage and T MARKET have invested BGN 16, 5 million in environmental sustainability in the last year alone. Separately, they have donated over BGN 1 million to support over 50 social initiatives, driven by the drive to improve the lives of people in Bulgaria. This is shown by data released today by a poll conducted by members of the Association for Modern Trade (CMT) Billa, dm, Kaufland, Lidl, Mr. Bricolage and T MARKET for the period 01 July 2018 – 30 June 2019. The survey participants are among the largest retail companies in Bulgaria with a total market share of over 30% in the FMCG sector.

Through various initiatives and policies, the companies have worked actively to reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their businesses, stimulate sustainable consumption and support initiatives to reduce the pollution. For example, Kaufland Bulgaria is the first retailer in the global sector to certify each of its hypermarkets according to the World Bank’s EDGE standard, which promotes the construction of energy efficient buildings. Each newly constructed or upgraded site in the chain has a system of combined heating and cooling, a modern energy efficient refrigeration installation, as well as fully energy efficient lighting. In addition, stations for free charging of electric vehicles are being installed in the new branches.

Lidl also made serious investments in energy efficiency.

At present, all 99 Lidl subsidiaries and 2 warehouses are ISO 50001 and EDGE certified for energy efficiency and green building. In addition, all newly established branches are equipped with BMS (Building Management System). They consume up to 30% less energy.