In the wake of a weekend snow deluge, the relentless effort to clear Sofia’s snow-covered streets is underway, with the municipal inspectorate imposing fines exceeding 140,000 BGN for neglecting stops and subway approaches, as reported by the municipality.

Today, a dedicated team of experts extends their scrutiny to commercial establishments, emphasizing that the responsibility for clearing snow around residential and office buildings falls on the shoulders of those who inhabit and work in these spaces.

The municipal inspectorate, led by Tatyana Asenova, warns of forthcoming mass inspections targeting commercial establishments for uncleaned adjacent territories. Asenova highlighted, “We find that there are those who neglected their duties during the weekend and should promptly clean up as these commercial establishments open. If we discover any uncleaned areas, sanctions will be swiftly applied.”

As the city rallies to restore normalcy, this ongoing cleanup effort underscores the importance of collective responsibility in maintaining a safe and accessible urban environment.