Dronamics, the company founded by brothers Svilen Rangelov and Konstantin Rangelov, announced that it had made the first successful flight of its cargo drone. The test was conducted at an airport near Balchik and the “Black Swan” drone was in the air for just over 10 minutes under remote control by two pilots from the ground.

The announcement said this confirmed the effectiveness of the company’s licensed technology and that commercial drone cargo flights in Europe may begin later this year. So far, there are only pictures attached to the message, but no video of the test.

The airport was chosen because the flight could be carried out more safely over the sea. The distance covered is 21.5 km with an average speed of 140 km/h and a height of just over 600 m

Marketing itself as the world’s first cargo drone airline, Dronamics claims the “Black Swan” can carry 350kg of cargo at a top speed of 200km over a distance of up to 2,500km with flights departing 80% faster, 50% cheaper and with up to 60% less harmful emissions than any alternative mode of transport, including airplanes.

The announcement adds that the two brothers have promised not to shave until the first successful flight of their operational drone has passed.