“The only procedural quality of Vasil Bozhkov is that of an accused. He has never been, nor is he currently a protected witness”.

This was stated by the prosecutor’s office for BTA regarding the allegations of the businessman, who is under “house arrest” imposed by the court.

At an online press conference via video yesterday, he stated that he was a “protected witness” in the case of Boyko Borissov, Vladislav Goranov and Sevdelina Arnaudova.

He clarified that he was questioned about this case twice for four hours, during which he gave evidence.

“After that, they made me a protected witness, because we know – the state is run by the mafia, at the head of the mafia is Boyko Borissov, we know how the mafia works – anyone who is not convenient for them is removed in one way or another.

So my life and the lives of my loved ones are in great danger at the moment,” said the businessman, but did not want to specify from whom, saying only “false witnesses, from those who rule the country in the shadows.”

Later, however, came the clarification from the prosecutor‘s office.

And in the evening, Vasil Bozhkov also “clarified the clarification” on his Facebook profile, in which he showed a witness protection measure decree issued on August 30 by the “Specialized” department of the Sofia City Prosecutor‘s Office: