The Constitutional Court has dismissed a request from MPs representing “Vazrazhdane” and “There Is Such a People” political parties to challenge the decision of the 49th National Assembly regarding a proposed national referendum on the status of the Bulgarian lev.

The Court, composed of 12 judges, voted 11-1 against the appeal, with Judge Yanaki Stoilov providing a special opinion. Despite tensions outside the courthouse, including protests by “Vazrazhdane” supporters, the Court unanimously terminated proceedings on a separate request for an independent ruling on the referendum’s constitutionality.

Earlier today, demonstrators gathered outside the Constitutional Court in a protest marked by clashes and disruptions. The unrest erupted as the Court deliberated on the fate of the proposed referendum, underscoring the contentious nature of the issue. Despite the fervent opposition, the Court’s decision stands, signalling the end of the legal challenge to the referendum proposal.