The European Commission is addressing the transit tax introduced by Bulgaria for Serbia and Hungary for Russian natural gas, European Commission spokesman Olof Gill said:

“We are evaluating and discussing with the Bulgarian authorities these recently introduced measures. I can add that the policy of sanctions towards Russia has been outlined, revised and adopted at the EU level, as it has been since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

And the EU must remain united in its support for Ukraine.”

The decision of the Bulgarian authorities was published in the State Gazette last Friday: it increases the price of natural gas for Serbia and Hungary by 20 leva (10 euros) per megawatt hour. Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov stated that Bulgaria has every right to impose this tax.

Earlier today, the European Commission also confirmed that they have requested information from Bulgaria about Bulgargaz’s deal with the Turkish company Botas and that they will not hesitate to take measures if a violation is found.