The innovative SIMPL service launches for the first time in Bulgaria. SIMPL provides a long-term car rental with full assistance by a personal assistant. The proposal is from Eurolease Group and will provide individuals and small businesses with as much convenience as possible.

“The SIMPL service is conformable to the dynamic life of the modern day people who are looking for convenience without being overwhelmed by assets. The asset is a burden, and the car can easily be considered a service, not a commodity, ” Ivaylo Petkov, CEO of SIMPL said.

The service is suitable for modern thinking people with an active lifestyle, for whom time is the most valuable resource, as well as for companies with a small fleet.

SIMPL will offer long-term rental for every make and model of a new car. The service also includes a personal assistant – a person who will take care of the full service of the car, which will save time and care. The requesting of services by the user will occur through a mobile application, which aims to further facilitate the user in using the service.

In the case of a long-term SIMPL car rental, the user owes a monthly fee, which includes the net car rental, as well as all related costs. The size is determined depending on the class of the car and the conditions of use. All expenses, such as servicing, insurance and more, are included in the basic fee and thus everyone can plan with sufficient security the funds to allocate for a future period. At the expiration of the rent, which is usually within 3 years, the customer can return the old car and take a new one. “Having a car made simple” is a promise that the SIMPL team is committed to.