The lack of firewood imports from Bulgaria tightened the market in Greece and sharply raised prices, Greek media reports. The government is ready to put a price cap.

Greece cannot cover the demand for firewood on the domestic market. Prices have almost doubled compared to last year, customers report. Due to the cold winter weather in Northern Greece in this area, the demand is the strongest and the prices are very high, traders commented to the media.

Georgios Papageorgiou, a dairy owner and wholesaler, told “Open” TV that imports from Bulgaria have been stopped. According to him, the reason is that in our country two companies have a monopoly on the firewood trade and sell at a very high price.

To contain the price crisis, the government is distributing free firewood to residents in the highlands of the country.

Development Minister Georgiadis said that this week a ceiling will be placed on firewood prices so that there is no speculation.