The Ministry of Defense has terminated the procedure for awarding a public contract for the supply of six repaired engines for the MiG-29s. This shows a reference in the procurement register. It was published on March 6, its estimated value was 26.4 million leva including VAT. The basis for the decision is that no tender was submitted.

At the end of June, it became clear that “Terem – Holding” Ltd. won the other public order for the repair of six engines for the Bulgarian MiG-29 fighters. The participant has declared that he will use a subcontractor for the execution of the order – Lutsk repair plant “Motor” – Republic of Ukraine, whose share for execution is 90% of the total volume of the order.

Bulgaria received one MiG-29 aircraft engine each from Poland in late March and mid-May, making another MiG-29 fighter jet ready for flight operations.