“Bulgarian business offers good opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships”, said President Rumen Radev at a round table in Vienna organized by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. Representatives of Bulgarian and Austrian businesses in the field of energy, the banking sector, the automotive industry and high technologies participated in the forum. Austria is the second largest real investor in the Bulgarian economy. The President is visiting Vienna at the invitation of Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer.

In front of the business representatives, the president emphasized that the achieved predictability in the energy sector in our country is due to the increased security of the supply of energy resources and low electricity prices.

Rumen Radev highlighted the agreements reached by Bulgaria with Greece and Turkey in recent months for access to their liquefied gas terminals and gas transmission networks, which ensures real energy diversification. Our country is part of more and more international corridors for the transfer of energy resources to Europe, including the Bulgarian initiative “Ring of Solidarity” to increase the supply of natural gas from Azerbaijan.

“The green transition is an important goal for the EU, but it should not be achieved at the expense of the hasty closure of base capacities and a heavy price for the European economies”, emphasized the head of state.

Among the prospective areas of cooperation with Austria, Rumen Radev noted high technologies in the financial and banking sector.

The head of state also emphasized the stable development of the automotive sector in our country. Bulgaria is among the leading suppliers of components for the automotive industry in Europe, including in the field of software. Over 350 companies in our country work in this field.