The current tests, especially the tests and classwork, necessary for the formation of the grades at the end of the first academic term, should be conducted in person. The rule should apply to all students except those who study at a distance for health reasons, certified by a medical document.

Such instructions were given by the Minister of Education and Science, Academician Nikolay Denkov, in a letter to the heads of the regional departments of education (RDU) in connection with the end of the first academic term on January 31, 2022. on the assimilated material, the document says.

According to the current order of the Minister of Health for the introduction of temporary anti-epidemic measures, in municipalities with 14-day morbidity of less than 250 per 100,000 people study in person without testing for COVID-19. In the municipalities with higher morbidity, the present learning process is ensured by examining students with non-invasive rapid antigenic tests for COVID-19. In these cases, individual distance learning in an electronic environment is allowed under certain conditions: for health reasons of the student or a member of his family, as well as optionally with the permission of the head of the RWB.

According to the ordinance for the organization of activities in school education, the head of the RWB can give permission for online learning to students with high success, few absences for good reasons and proven commitment to the learning process so far. Minister Denkov requires the heads of the RWBs to pay special attention and control on a case-by-case basis. The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) will check the permits.

The Ministry of Education and Science insists that students who, for health reasons or at the request of their parents, continue their distance learning even after their classmates have returned to school, appear in class for written or oral assessments.

This can be done with a one-time test with a rapid antigen test at school or the presentation of a “green certificate”. Exceptionally, it is permissible to conduct the written or oral examination individually, without the student being tested or presenting a document for illness or vaccination if the individual activities are conducted outside the time of the present learning process of the classes. This is regulated in the order of the Minister of Health of November 26 this year.

Under the same conditions, the individual exams for determining the term grade in case of more than 25% absences from the classes in the respective subject, the equivalence exams, the exams for changing the grade are also obligatorily present. In these cases, the exams are conducted by school commissions.