Just days after the agreement for peace in the US-China trade war, US officials increased the pressure on Europe in the long-term dispute over Airbus aircraft subsidies, threatening to impose high tariffs on imports of additional EU goods worth 4 billion dollars, reports Econ.bg

On Monday evening, the US Trade Representative’s office published a list of additional products – including olives, Italian cheese, pasta, Scotch and Irish whiskey – that could be affected by the new tariffs, in addition to the first list of European products worth $ 21 billion, subject to high tariffs.

The US commercial agent said he added 89 tariff subcategories to his original list, including various metals, in response to public comments but without giving any further explanations.

The United States and the EU have threatened to impose billions of dollars on airplanes, tractors and food in a 15-year dispute within the World Trade Organization with regard to aircraft subsidies to Boeing, the US aircraft manufacturer. ) and its major European rival Airbus SE (Airbus SE).

The US Spirit Drinks Council, however, criticized the latest threats to the Trump administration’s tariffs and warned they would endanger US jobs and harm consumers.