Thousands of Bulgarians want to cancel their reservations to Egypt and Jordan. They fear unrest in the Middle East. The planned excursions by the end of the year are over 10,000.

“There is no exact figure of what percentage want to cancel because they are not sure what exactly they want to do. They’re confused right now. And I’d say it’s largely mild psychosis. It is also caused by the misleading information that was published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, commented Dimitrina Goranova, Association of Bulgarian Tour Operators and Travel Agents.

Different degrees of travel risk are described there. Israel Egypt and Jordan are at the same level of danger.

“There is no war in Egypt and Jordan. Not to mention that they announced it, if you read the small letters, you will understand that only the border areas that are close to Israel are treated as dangerous”, added Dimitrina Goranova.

So everyone reading the title wants to cancel their reservation.

“And they tell us, why do you want us to travel, you are putting our lives at risk. And from there begins a discussion, arguments, an extremely unpleasant situation for both parties, actually, because we have no reason to cancel our programs. First, because we have the official positions of both Egypt and Jordan, including last week the ambassador of Egypt gave a press conference in Bulgaria to explain that the areas visited by tourists, we are talking about organized groups, that these areas are absolutely safe and currently the resorts are full”, Dimitrina Goranova further specified.