It seems that in recent months the development of TikTok has finally slowed down, and although the app is still a cultural giant, the current changes could prove to be stumbling blocks for the application, shared Gizmodo.

In an attempt to compete with YouTube, TikTok is gearing up for a change – 30-minute videos are expected, as well as users being encouraged to upload horizontal content instead of the app’s standard vertical format. TikTok even encourages people to upload photo slideshows instead of videos.

Initially, TikTok allowed videos only up to 60 seconds, then the limit became 3 minutes, and last year – 15 minutes.

In fact, the short video format has made people adore the app, but it seems that TikTok is moving away from its initial idea: short-form videos in a format that pushes people to be creative.

According to Gizmodo, Instagram, by engaging in a similar initiative, made the same mistake. Instead of focusing on photo sharing, which made it so popular, the app shifted towards videos through its Reels feature in 2022 and changing its algorithm to show more content from profiles users don’t follow.

The application holds a lead over other platforms, but if TikTok fails to maintain its position, its competitors are poised to seize the opportunity.