Thanks to the establishment of close cooperation between Transfer Multisort Elektronik and Murata Manufacturing, the Polish electronic components distributor is now ready offer to its clients a wide range of Murata and Murata Power Solutions products. It will also result in shortening of the order shipping time to minimum.

Murata Manufacturing – a leading Japanese manufacturer of electronic components  

Murata Manufacturing specialises in the manufacture of electronic components. It was founded by Akira Murata in 1944, in Kyoto, Japan. Initially, the company produced ceramic capacitors, but it soon branched out to offer other electronic components, such as RF filters and modules. In the 1960s and 1970s, Murata entered foreign markets, beginning a global expansion, and developed its manufacturing activity to other products, such as power supply units and DC/DC converters. 

Currently, Murata Manufacturing is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of electrolytic and ceramic capacitors, RF filters and modules, as well as other electronic components. The company operates on a global scale: it has numerous branches and factories all around the world and enjoys a good reputation, mostly thanks to the high quality and reliability of its products. One of the Murata Manufacturing branches is Murata Power Solutions. It specialises in manufacturing power supply solutions: DC/DC converters mentioned above, as well as switched-mode and uninterruptible power supplies and power modules. 

Murata and Murata Power Solutions components are widely applied in various economic sectors, such as telecommunications, automotive, medicine, consumer electronics, industrial automation or construction (smart buildings). The history of this Japanese brand is undeniably a success story on the electronics market. The company continues to develop and supplies global markets with innovative and robust products. 

Murata ensures sustainable development 

Importantly, in response to the challenges related to the climate change, Murata takes a variety of eco-friendly steps. The company has accepted global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as its mission and challenge, and also implements the principles of sustainable development in all of its operations, including the manufacture, distribution and recycling of the products. 

Other environmentally friendly practices at Murata include limiting greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency and implementation of renewable energy sources. Murata also takes a sustainable approach to designing its products and uses materials and manufacturing processes which limit negative impact on the environment. 

Transfer Multisort Elektronik establishes cooperation with Murata  

Thousands of Murata and Murata Power Solutions products have been available in TME catalogue since January of 2023. The Polish distributor of electronic components offers e.g. AC/DC and DC/DC converters, piezoelectric buzzers, transformers or passive components, such as SMD and THT inductors, NTC thermistors, capacitors (MLCC, SMD), filters and ceramic resonators.  

Some of those products are on stock directly in TME’s warehouses in Łódź and Rzgów, thanks to which the shipping time can be reduced to minimum for clients from all around the world.