Bulgaria’s old companies have a long history, and most of us are curious to learn. Which are some of the oldest companies in Bulgaria? Simply read this article to get the information you require.

  1. Kamenitza
    The story of Kamenitza started in 1881 when three businessmen from Switzerland decided to produce beer in Plovdiv. They chose Kamenitza Hill for their activities; thus, the brand was named Kamenitza. They started producing the first dark beer on the market. Since then, most Bulgarians have been fans of lager beer. Soon after, the beer became very popular and received many recognitions and awards. Nowadays, the Kamenitza brand operates under the ownership of CVC Capital Partners. The business is based in Haskovo, and the annual production volume is 800.000 hectoliters.
  2. Girdap
    It was founded in 1881 and was Bulgaria’s first private bank until its closure in 1925. The headquarters was in the city of Ruse. The bank managed to survive all the wars that went through Bulgaria and played a significant role in the country. The bank’s central office was in a historic building two significant Bulgarian architects designed.
  3. Arsenal AD
    This company belonged to the defense industry and was founded 144 years ago. It manufactures firearms, air defense equipment, artillery, munitions, explosives, and other industrial machinery. The headquarters are in Kazanlak. The total number of employees exceeds 10,000. Needless to say, that is Bulgaria’s oldest arms supplier.
  4. Bulgarian National Bank
    The headquarters are in Sofia. Since 1879, the bank has been a state-owned enterprise. If you ever visit Bulgaria, you will find it in central Battenberg Square. The bank’s reserves are estimated to be worth approximately 20,000 million USD. The bank is separated into three departments. The issue, banking, and supervision departments.
  5. Bulgarian Posts
    The national Bulgarian postal service was first founded in 1879 as the Bulgarian posts and telegraph service, and after many years, more specifically in 1992, the company turned into the structure that it has nowadays. Bulgarian Posts has almost 3.000 post offices and about 5.000 mailboxes under its supervision.
  6. Ariana Brewery
    As its name reveals, the brewery started producing Ariana beer from its establishment in 1884. The process did not end until 2004 when the brewery closed and the production of its main brands was transferred to Zagorka Brewery. Keep in mind that the brewery was acquired by Heineken International in the interim, specifically in 1997. The brewery was known as Sofia Brewery until 1996, when it was renamed Ariana Brewery.
  7. Navibulgar
    This company was founded in 1892 and belonged to the shipping industry. The headquarters are in Varna. It is state-owned, and nowadays, its fleet consists of 70 vessels, including bulk carriers, container vessels, and tanker vessels. In 2002, the company made a very important investment when it acquired the Varna shipyard for $16.1 million.
  8. Cumerio Med
    The company started its operation in 1932 as Cumerio Med, but it has undergone two very important investment milestones through the years. In 1997, it was acquired by a Belgian company named Cumerio for 80 million dollars. Ten years later, it passed into the hands of yet another big business, the German Norddeutsche Affinerie. The company produces copper and has played a significant role in the economic growth of Bulgaria.
  9. Bulgartabac
    This company was founded in 1947 and came from the tobacco sector. The headquarters are in Sofia. Bulgartabac produces some of Bulgaria’s most known cigarette brands at its two technologically effective factories in Sofia and Blagoevgrad. The owner of the company is VTB Bank.
  10. Balkantourist
    It started its operation in 1948 as a state-owned company, but after some years, specifically in 1995, it passed into private ownership. As you can imagine from the company’s title, it’s a tour operator and, of course, is the oldest in the country to have worked all these years continuously. Some of Bulgaria’s most well-known hotels are managed by the company.