Bad weather and natural disasters ruining vacations are the primary concern for 39% of Bulgarians, according to an international study including Bulgaria. The second biggest worry for 32% of surveyed Bulgarians is the possibility of their luggage being lost, damaged, or stolen, especially at the airport. Meanwhile, only 17% of Bulgarian participants expressed concern over flight cancellations or delays.

Bulgarian women are more anxious about bad weather and natural disasters (43%) compared to men (35%). For women, stolen or damaged luggage is the second major fear (33%), whereas men are more worried about travel fraud (34%). Younger Bulgarians (18-24 years) are particularly concerned about losing their luggage (48%) compared to older individuals over 65 (21%), who predominantly fear bad weather (44%).

Luggage issues are a significant worry for residents of southern countries like Spain, Portugal, and Greece (51%, 48%, and 46%, respectively), while Lithuanians, Hungarians, and Germans are less concerned (23%, 26%, and 26%). In Europe, Italians (33%) and Spaniards (32%) are most fearful of flight delays, whereas Croatians and Hungarians worry the least (14% each).

The third main concern for Bulgarians is the risk of fraud, such as discovering a pre-paid apartment is in worse condition than advertised or doesn’t exist at all. This fear affects 32% of Bulgarians, with men (34%) slightly more concerned than women (31%), and young people (18-24 years) more anxious (46%) compared to those over 55 (19%).

Fewer Bulgarians worry about losing their card data or having their accounts emptied by thieves (28%). Additionally, 11% of the surveyed Bulgarians are not afraid of anything, valuing adventure most when traveling. This group mainly includes men (12%) and seniors over 65 (18%).