“The moratorium is the beginning of solving the problem. All lobbying texts and misconceptions adopted by the previous GERB government will be cleared. Now a handful of intermediaries make a million, and companies that use industrial electricity are on the verge of bankruptcy. This was stated for BGNES by the chairman of the PG of “There is such a people” Toshko Yordanov.

According to him, GERB still controls all such companies. “According to documents, all such organizations are independent, but in fact, they are under the auspices of GERB. They will become independent, “Yordanov said.

Bulgaria will not back down in its disputes with RS Macedonia. “There will be no retreat from Bulgaria. There is a signed agreement, there is a decision of the National Assembly. Talks must begin, but the Macedonian side must go its own way, “Yordanov said.

Yordanov is adamant that the coalition is stable and can last a full term.

“In purely historical terms, many things have not happened until they do. The coalition can withstand a full term, it is a matter of docking and talks. So far, it is going well, “the MP said.