The airport in Ruse will open for civil flights at the end of February next year. This forecast was announced on the air of “The Day Begins” by the Minister of Economy Daniela Vezieva.

According to her, the licensing for civil flights at the airport in Danube city is currently being worked on.

According to Vezieva, the opening of the airport in Ruse for civil flights will improve business relations between Northern and Southern Bulgaria. A price of about BGN 60-70 for a return ticket Sofia-Ruse is being discussed.

“In the interest of truth, we are working very actively on licensing the airport for civil flights, such as for larger aircraft carrying passengers, not just charters that are currently landing. My sincere wish is for this to happen early next year, in end of February – beginning of March.” – said Daniela Vezieva, Minister of Economy

The ambition is to turn the airport in Ruse into a regional airport, the mayor of the Danube town Pencho Milkov said in “The day begins”. He expressed hope that the state would support the municipality’s efforts in this direction. The building is well preserved and has not been raided during the years in which the airport remained closed to regular civilian flights. Now its modernization is forthcoming.