Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky conveyed gratitude to the Bulgarian Parliament for reaffirming their commitment to deliver armoured personnel carriers (APCs) as part of a new military aid package to Ukraine. Expressing appreciation on social media, Zelensky highlighted the significance of the decision in bolstering Europe’s strength and defending freedom.

Earlier on Friday, the Bulgarian Parliament decisively overrode a presidential veto, securing a 162-55 vote to endorse the delivery of armoured vehicles to Ukraine under an agreement between the Defence Ministries of both nations. This agreement, ratified by the legislature, was initially signed in Sofia on August 8 and in Kyiv on November 13, but faced a veto by President Rumen Radev on December 4.

Zelensky specifically thanked political leaders Boyko Borissov, Delyan Peevski, and Kiril Petkov, noting their respective parliamentary groups’ support in overriding the presidential veto.

A November report from the parliamentary Defence Committee outlined that the agreement includes providing Ukraine with armoured transport equipment, its armament, and spare parts, repurposed from the Interior Ministry’s surplus.

This reaffirmation of support signifies Bulgaria’s commitment to aiding Ukraine’s defense efforts, drawing praise and gratitude from President Zelensky for fostering solidarity in safeguarding freedom and security.