The newly registered unemployed Bulgarians in the whole country are again more than the ones who got a job – this is shown by the latest data from the specialized labor market monitoring of the National Statistical Institute and the preliminary data of the Employment Agency due to Covid-19. In the last week observed so far from October 11 to 17, they are 5300 and 3460 people, respectively.

The observation shows that a week earlier, from October 4 to 10, the number of new entrants across the country was almost double that of those who started work. From the end of December 2020 until now, the newly registered unemployed are a little over 222 thousand people, and those who came to work from the registered in the labor offices are 190 thousand people. Until the middle of 2021, there was a favorable trend with a predominance of those who started working compared to the unemployed registered in the labor offices, but this trend reversed in July.