As of December 27, the immunization campaign against COVID-19 will be launched across the country.

The campaign is organized by regional health inspectorates, and vaccines are to be administered by doctors in medical institutions for outpatient and hospital medical care, regional health inspectorates, by doctors in specialized structures of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense and by task mobile teams.

If necessary, medical professionals from emergency medical centers and health offices in kindergartens and schools or other medical institutions will also be included in the immunization teams, reads the order of  Health Minister Prof. Kostadin Angelov.

The minister’s order clearly states that inoculation against COVID-19 is recommendable and free of charge and vaccine is administered at will.

It will be carried out in accordance with the requirements laid down in Art. 11 of Ordinance No 15 of 2005 on immunizations in the Republic of Bulgaria, and after stated informed consent of the person or the legal representative of the person by signature in the outpatient list, which a GP issues after the examination and vaccination or by signing a form for informed consent.

According to the order, assistance for the implementation of the immunization campaign is provided by: the regional governors and the municipal administration, including the health mediators, the Bulgarian Medical Union, the National Health Insurance Fund and the directors of the medical institutions on the territory of the respective districts.