Over 470,000 are the legitimate signatures for holding a referendum on whether Bulgaria should adopt the single European currency in 2025. This was shown by the check of over 600,000 signatures submitted by the “Vazrazhdane” (Revival) party, made by Main Directorate “Civil Registration and Administrative Service”.

According to the party, the legal requirement to hold a referendum on the topic during the next elections has been met, because there are over 400,000 legitimate signatures. However, the party admitted that questions cannot really be asked of the public about commitments that Bulgaria has already made and ratified. In the case of the single European currency, this happened when we joined the European Union.

The party explained that we will indeed accept the euro, but “Vazrazhdane” wants the Bulgarian lev to be preserved for as long as possible. According to calculations made by “Vazrazhdane”, the National Assembly should set a date for the referendum by July 7.

The leader of “Vazrazhdane” Kostadin Kostadinov also called on the leaders of GERB and “We Continue the Change” – Boyko Borissov and Kiril Petkov to give up their immunities as MPs, as requested by the prosecutor’s office. This has already been done by the two deputies from “Vazrazhdane” – Veselin Veshev and Angel Georgiev.